Expansion Appliances
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Red Ortho Labs, Inc. is a full service laboratory. We pride ourselves on Quality and Custom workmanship. Retainers

Retainers: Maxillary Hawley with 2 clasps, Mandibular Hawley with 2 clasps, 3x3 spring retainer (aligner), spring retainer w/extensions, spring retainer w/extensions (no resets), bite plate with 2 clasps, rem. tongue/thumb crib, Jackson, Celtin, A.C.C.O. appliance, reverse incline, max. palatal stent, mushroom appliance, posterior bite appliance, max. Hawley tongue crib, invisible retainer, max. "S" appliance, Mx/Md Hawley with labial acrylic, max. hawley with support wires, mand/max. retainer, 4x4 spring retainer (aligner), max. hawley bite plane (artic.).

Plaster articulation: study models (finished), study models (rough cut), duplication of model, and working model (pour).

Accessories: spring (soldered), spur/rest (soldered), mighty mite, headgear tube, Pontic, Anterior bite plate, anterior incline plane, posterior bite plane, stainless steel mesn, cow horn, additional expansion screw, support wire, add tongue crib, elastic hook, labial bow, lingual sheath, additional mesh pads, labial acrylic, lip bumper, appliance insurance repair, appliance insurance remake, option - insurance repair, impact liner for splints, re-insur appliance, reset tooth, lingual support wire, debonding/protraction hooks, and custom shade acrylic block.

Orthodontic FunctionalsBands and Metalwork: custom band w/attachments, custom band with out attachments, tongue/thumb crib, mershon lingual arch with spring, soldered lingual arch, Nance with palatal button, "W" appliance, bi-helix, quad-helix, band and loop space maintainer, bonded 3x3 lingual arch, bonded 4x4 lingual arch, braided 3x3 lingual arch, max. fixed B.P./palatal button, Nance/trans-palatal bar, blue grass tongue device, lip bumper, Wilson 3D Nance, Wilson 3D Quad-Helix, lingual/labial arch w/hooks, bonded Nance appliance, max. fixed bite plane, bonded 1x1 lingual arch, wilson3D lingual arch, and more.

T.M.J. and Night Guards: Gelb/M.O.R.A, tanner, perio. Night Guard (hard), Max. Repositioning Splint, Mand. repositioning splint, max. repo. splint with ramp, sports guard, sports guard with strap, bleaching splint, pro-form night guard, night guard with soft liner, mand. pull forward, night guard with clasps, modified pull forward with mesh, modified gelb/M.O.R.A., max. night guard (full palate), modified gelb/M.O.R.A with mesh, gelb/M.O.R.A. with soft liner, nightguard (no articulation), gelb/M.O.R.A. (no articulation), hard modified snoring appliance, soft modified snoring appliance, coping .040 night guard, orthognathic splint, modified pull forward, and mod. gelb (no mesh) chew surf.

Expansion Appliances: Schwarz, Nord appliance (1 screw), sagittal w/1 screw, Sagittal w/2 screws, Sagittal w/3 screws, transverse - single screw, transverse - double screw, Haas type expansion appliance, RPE (Forestandent) expander, max. RPE/Tongue crib, fan type expansion appliance, expansion appliance, acrylic bondable RPE, bondable RPE (all metal), fixed lower expander with resets, functional sagittals, and one half functional sagittals.

Functionals: bionator, bionator w/1 expansion screw, bionator w/2 expansion screws, orthopedic corrector, activator, Balters bionator to close, baiters bionator with screw to close, Balters bionator to open, Balters bionator with screws to open, balters class III to close,

Partials including, Flipper - one tooth, Flipper with clasps - one tooth, Pedi-partial, Pedi-partial adult teeth, and Bondable bridge.

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